April 24th, 2014
April 23rd, 2014
I was raised among books, making invisible friends in pages that seemed cast from dust and whose smell I carry on my hands to this day.
April 22nd, 2014
Buying a book is not about obtaining a possession, but about securing a portal.
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April 21st, 2014


What I’ll do is that: before I die I’ll tell my children to always visit my grave and read me a new book. That way I won’t miss out.

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April 20th, 2014


Northern Lights (also known as The Golden Compass  in other parts of the world including North Amercia) by Phillip Pullman

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April 19th, 2014






books are just dead tattoed trees

That’s metal as fuck

Wow I like the way their corpses smell

that was more creepy as fuck

I collect their corpses and display them in my room

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April 18th, 2014
April 17th, 2014